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Grace Apostolic Church History



More than 50 years ago, Grace Apostolic Church of Indianapolis began its journey to what it has become today.  On November 22, 1953, about 30 saints met in a theater, under the leadership of Elder Morris Golder.  The theater was later renovated into a house of God. In 1961 the church had its mortgage burning.  One year later after being approached about purchasing a church at the corner of 22nd and Broadway, Elder Golder and the congregation sold the Northwestern Avenue Church, and used the proceeds as a down payment against the mortgage.  On Palm Sunday, April 1st 1963, the saints moved into the 1st church building at the corner of Broadway.  Dedication services were held on the 1st week of July 1963.

By the Grace of God, the membership increased by nearly four hundred.  The first church was paid for and we experienced another mortgage burning on November 26, 1967.  As a result of the growth in membership the church established a building fund in 1969, for the renovation of the building to seat 1200. Three years later, services were held in the newly remodeled building on Easter Sunday 1971. 



The Church continued to add souls.  The body increased to over 1000.  Plans were laid to build a totally new building. A building fund was once again established. It was an exciting time.  On November 7, 1990 a multitude of singing, happy children, marched through the rain behind the Bishop Morris E. and First Lady Bobbie Golder, into the new building capable of seating 3200, uniquely designed to where every seat is focused on the pulpit area, creating, “not a bad seat in the house”.  In Memory Bishop Golder went home to glory on July 23, 2000.


Our Beloved Founder Bishop Morris E. Golder

Bishop Golder went home to glory on July 23, 2000.  We have much to thank him for. His foresight and vision for this congregation brought us a mighty long way.


We honor his memory by continuing the traditions of following the Lord, loving one another, and being a soul winning family under the grace of God.

Suffragan Bishop Larry J. Hunt  & First Lady Linda Hunt

In September of 2001, Suffragan Bishop Larry J. Hunt was elected as the new pastor and was installed on January 13, 2002. He and First Lady Linda Hunt brought a vision of serving the community around us.


Under his leadership, advancements in technology, greater efforts in missions, outreach, and a special emphasis on the youth all demonstrated his love for this church and its people. In 2003, the sanctuary was remodeled for broadcasting capability.  


Bishop Hunt transitioned to his heavenly home in June 27, 2012. Lady Hunt continues to be a loved and valued member of Grace.


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