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Grace Apostolic Church Associate Pastors have an intergral role in the life of the ministry and its members.  These men and women lead a diverse group toward holiness, service and an intimate relationship with God.  Leadership, trustwortiness and prayer are the pillars on which they stand. 















Elder Al Brown

John A. Brown Jr. has been a member of Grace Apostolic Church for 33 years.  Affectionately known as Al, he is the son of Pastor John A. and Ernestine Brown (both deceased) of Flint, Michigan.   Al is the eldest of four siblings who grew up under the tutelage of District Elder Booker T. and First Lady Scott of Bethlehem Temple in Flint.  Saved at a young age, Al was always busy in the church working on the bulletin staff and playing the piano for the youth choir.  He loves music!  Al graduated from General Motors Institute (now Kettering University) and also received his Masters Degree in Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University. 


Upon his arrival in Indianapolis some 33 years ago, Al has been busy working both inside and outside the walls of Grace Church.  He is a carpenter by trade and a builder of the kingdom at all times.  He is passionate about winning souls and helping people get to know Jesus and the love that He has for them through the Word.  While his love for people is great, he is passionate about teaching young people and leading them into true relationship with their Savior.


Al enjoys music, working out, helping out and spending time with his family, his wife of 33 years LouWanna, two adult children Ashley and Aaron and his two granddaughters.

Elder Reginald Golder

Associate Pastor Elder Reginald B. Golder, Sr. was born September 1, 1955 to Carleton R. Golder, Sr. and Patricia J. Golder.  He was the 6th child of 7 siblings.  Later, at the age of 10, a brother passed away.  Pastor Golder has a godly heritage being that his maternal and paternal grandparents were Spirit-filled believers.  He was exposed to Holiness as a way of life early in his life and served under the tutelage of his uncle, the beloved Honorable Bishop Morris E. Golder until his demise, July 22, 2000.  It was thought that one or more of the children in his family would be called to the ministry, however, it was never thought to be Pastor Golder because of his bashful nature.  At the age of 15, God led Pastor Golder along with his younger sister to receive the indwelling of the Holy Ghost on the same day in November of 1974.  Thus, the beginning of his new birth and life of walking with the Lord.


After a short period of dating and engagement, with God's leading, Pastor Golder married his best friend, Lady Brenda from Grand Rapids, MI on August 1, 1981.  They are the parents of 3 sons, one surrogate daughter, 2 granddaughters, 4 grandsons and 1 surrogate grandson.  Spending time with his family and close friends has always been a priority.


After several years of striving to live a saved life, Pastor Golder was chosen to be chairman of the Grace Apostolic Church Young People's Auxiliary and held this position for many years with many first-time accomplishments.  To name a few, the Grace Youth Choir and Youth Bible Class were birthed during his tenure. All along Pastor Golder's walk with the Lord, God was dealing with him about the call to ministry.  He acknowledged his calling and enrolled in Aenon Bible College graduating with a degree in Theology in 1988 at The Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Convention in Philadelphia, PA.  At the ABSA Indiana State Council, in the year 2000, he was ordained as Elder at Grace Apostolic Church.  Shortly after ordination, Evangelist Pamela Thomas chose Pastor Golder to assist her with a weekly Adult Bible Class.  This proved to be a tremendous experience from which Pastor Golder grew in the knowledge of God's word! 


He went on to serve as Chairman of the Ministerial Alliance for 7 years, relinquishing this position at the Lord's leading to assume the teaching assignment along with Lady Brenda, for the weekly Marriage Builders Class during Sunday School.  This class has been an awesome blessing not only to them but to many who have attended over the past 10 years to date.  God has truly ordered the steps of this chosen man of God who is destined to do greater works in the Kingdom of God.


Pastor Golder was elevated and consecrated as Associate Pastor of the Grace Apostolic Church Marriage and Family Ministry on January 25, 2015 by Sr. Pastor Kevin M. Harrison, Sr.  He welcomes the opportunity to continue serving in this capacity as God honors his faithfulness to the calling on his life.  To God be the glory!

Elder Anthony McDaniel

Elder Anthony G. McDaniel is the son of 4th generation apostolic faith believers. Born to Felix and Pearl Henderson McDaniel, Jr., whom has gone on to be with the Lord, he is the youngest of nine siblings. 


Elder McDaniel received his primary and secondary education in the Indianapolis Public School system and then went on to further his education at Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana.  After returning from school and believing in God's word, he accepted his call to the ministry, attending Indiana Christian University and AENON Bible College.  He received his ordainment of Eldership in July 2012.


As a young man brought up in church, Elder McDaniel received the precious gift of the Holy Ghost under the late Bishop Morris E. Golder of Grace Apostolic Church.  He is a faithful member of the Grace, serves as the president of the Brotherhood Ministry, is a Sunday school teacher and Outreach minister. 


Elder McDaniel is married to Sister Carla R. McDaniel and the father of three children, Britteny, Eric and Cheyenne.  He is currently employed as Administrator for the City of Indianapolis the Department of Public Works.

Elder Walter Rhinehart

Elder Walter W. Rhinehart, Jr. Was born November 17, 1949 in McDowell, West Virginia. He is the eldest child of Walter Sr. and Mary Louise Rhinehart.

Elder Rhinehart is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and was honorably discharged in 1978. He was awarded two Purple Heart Medals for injuries received while serving his country in South Vietnam. He served the United States with passion and continues that legacy by serving the Kingdom of God with the same passion and perseverance. Coordinator of the Outreach Team Ministry at Rockville Correctional Facility, Indiana Women's Prison and Pendleton Reformatory. He has also worked as the Assistant Superintendent of the Christian Education Department.

While serving in the Marine Corps, Elder Rhinehart was stationed in Okinawa, Japan and attended 1st Assembly of God Church, while there the Lord Jesus Christ redeemed his soul. He was also an active participant of a Teen Challenge Coffee House Ministry.

February 24, 1979 he married Janice Akers and this union birthed 4 sons: Chief Petty Officer Ja'lon Alan Rhinehart, Elder Jeremy Antoine Rhinehart, Jonathan Aaron Rhinehart and Jordan Alexander Rhinehart, 2 daughters: Janine Angela Rhinehart, and Jennifer Alyssa Rhinehart, 1 daughter-in-love: Tamika Danielle Rhinehart and 2 grandchildren: Joshua and Jaidyn.

In June of 1988, he became a member of Grace Apostolic Church under the pastorate of Bishop Morris Ellis Golder.

Elder Rhinehart received his call to ministry about 25 years ago and was subsequently ordained as a  Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 2010.

He is currently the instructor of Grace Apostolic Church's New Member Class. He genuinely loves and knows the Word of God. God has given him the ability to "rightly divide" and explain the Word to any and all who  "hunger and thirst" for the Word of God.

He thoroughly enjoys teaching and winning souls for Christ. He is a great leader and encourager and is an asset to the Kingdom of God.

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Evangelist Betty Stewart

Associate Pastor Betty J. Stewart is the third oldest of five children born to Alice Evelyn Williams.  She has been involved in the care of others since childhood, starting with her younger sisters and serving most recently as one of the primary caregivers for her mother, prior to her passing. 


Associate Pastor Stewart often accompanied her mother to services at First Samuel Baptist Church where she accepted Christ in her life and received the Holy Ghost.  After hearing about baptism in Jesus Name, she came to Grace Apostolic Church in 1976 to be baptized and remained under the pastorate of Bishop Morris E. Golder and Suffragan Bishop Larry J.Hunt.


Pastor Stewart attended Aenon Bible College and became ordained by the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, International in 2007.  Since being called to the ministry, Pastor Stewart has been a speaker at services in AME and CME Zion churches, as well as various Baptist and Pentecostal churches in Indiana, Michigan, Florida and Arizona.  During these services, God used her to minister the infilling of the Holy Ghost in these different denominations.   


Associate Pastor Stewart has worked with the Grace Apostolic Church Sunday School Department, the Altar Workers, the Youth Church, and the Missionary Department of the ABSA Council.  She is a dedicated intercessor who believes in Mark 16:18 which states “they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover”.  She is an anointed, consecrated vessel and is a living example of Acts 26:22 – “Having therefore obtained help from God, I continue unto this day, witnessing to both small and great”.   

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