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Elder Hubert Tyler,

Ministerial Alliance Chairman


Elder Hubert Tyler serves as the President of the Grace Apostolic Church Ministerial Alliance. He is married to Sister Charice Tyler and they reside in Indianapolis. Tyler has worn many hats at GAC serving humbly in the work of the Lord.  Tyler is also part of the media ministry team at GAC. 


The GAC Ministers serve in different capacities in the church to both members & community. 

Tim Brown, Bertha Brown, Loris Anderson, Brenda Stott, Joyce Johnson, Curtis Rainey, Sarah Rolle, Angela Lively, Janet Moorman, Brian Merkelson,  Deborah Stewart, Brother Anderson, Joseph Dukett, William Milton, Deborah Bellamy, Arzella Williams, Bryan Griffiths; Dr. Renee' Johnson, Steven Shepard, Napoleon Stewart, Hugh Locke, Kenneth George, Janice Rhinehart, Tim Wellington


Other Ministers names will be added soon.

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